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Supporting learning from home resources

Print-friendly, online resources to create tailored learning packs

Teachers and leaders can use these resources for supporting learning from home for ākonga from early learning through to Year 8. Download and print them to create a tailored learning pack. These resources will complement your school’s learning programme. You can also direct parents and whānau to these resources online.

Remember, learning happens in every language. If you have students who speak a language other than English, remind them and their parents/caregivers that they can use that language when communicating. They can use their home language to talk about activities provided and the activity can be completed in English or in the home language or both. Some learners will produce better work if they can use their home language first, and then use English. 

Early Learning resources

Early Learning: Supporting learning from home resources

Supporting additional learning needs

Information about creating sensory/play packs for children with additional learning needs

Years 1–4 resources

Years 5–8 resources

Years 9 and 10 resources

Years 9–10: Parent and whānau guidance