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Advice for learning from home

If your child needs to learn from home, the information below will help you prepare.

Plan with your whānau

Early learning services and schools are your partners and they can support your child’s learning from home. Schools and early learning services may be able to provide you with resources and also offer advice and support. 

Having a routine or schedule that works for all of you is important so that everybody knows what to expect. Learning happens all the time, and can be woven in to your whānau routine.

Top tips:

  • Talk to your child and listen to their ideas about how they would like to learn.
  • Consider sharing responsibilities with other members of your whānau or bubble.
  • Plan out with your child and whānau what your day or week will look like.
  • Build in regular times for breaks, fun and to connect as a whānau.
  • Secondary students may need a separate quiet space and there may be learning opportunities for younger children through everyday activities.
  • If you have limited learning devices, consider how everyone will share them.

Here are some tips on supporting your children’s learning, with translations available in 10 Pacific languages

Getting ready

Learning from home - getting ready

Ideas and examples to support learning from your home

Early Years

Learning from home - Early Years

For parents and whānau supporting ngā tamariki learning in the home

Stay connected with your early learning service or school

Primary and secondary teachers will have a plan if your child needs to learn from home. Early learning teachers may be able to offer resources, support and advice. Get in contact with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

You may also want to join or set up a small learning hub with your whānau, community or other families from your child’s early learning service or school. This is another way to stay connected with others, so you can share tips or advice with each other.

Returns process for devices and resources

Learn more about how to return devices and resources to the Ministry of Education for when you no longer need them

Digital safety

If your child or young person is using a computer or device to learn from home, it's important to make sure it's safe for them. Here are some suggestions for making sure it is setup for learning.

If you are unsure about the setup for learning please let your school or centre know. You might like to ask a family member, neighbour or friend for help.

If you know any other parents or whānau that may be in a similar situation, please encourage them to talk with their centre or school.