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Mr Yipadee


Mr Yipadee is a Kiwi children's author and musician, and brings music and comedy to schools across New Zealand.

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Mr Yipadee (aka Deano) is a Kiwi Children’s Author and Musician.

His comedy literary live music performance is personalised to each school. Children experience it through a live stream directly at home. There’s singing, dancing, musical comedy and, of course, a chance for the children to read, sing, and bounce along with Deano’s collection of best-selling books. The show is now booked into more than 30 schools across New Zealand within the next few months.

A range of Mr Yipadee's books and CDs can be purchased, and shows can be booked online

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The Ministry of Education would like to thank the writers and publisher for making this resource available to teachers, parents, whānau and their children as they support learning from home.