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AnyQuestions offers free, online help to assist New Zealand students with their school work. Between 10am and 6pm weekdays, students can log on and chat with a librarian. The librarian can help guide their research and support students to develop information literacy skills, including how to look up information themselves. AnyQuestions also has a Many Answers section. This section offers over 170 topics each with supporting resources.

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How to use

Usernames and passwords are not required for AnyQuestions or Many Answers. To chat with a librarian on AnyQuestions, students just need to click on the green ‘chat with us now’ button and follow the prompts (asking for details including their name, school, year level and question). They will be placed in the queue until a librarian is available to chat.

The ManyAnswers resource can be accessed to help you find find answers to the questions asked on AnyQuestions

More information on how the site works