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Under Alert Level 2

12 May 2020

New Zealand will move to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Wednesday 13 May.

Schools and early learning services are safe to attend from Monday 18 May and additional public health measures are in place.

Play it safe

Under Alert Level 2 COVID-19 is still out there, but it’s contained and schools and early learning services are safe to attend if public health measures are followed. Almost all children and young people should return to school and early learning services unless they are sick, have COVID-19 symptoms, are in isolation or waiting for a test result.

Under Alert Level 2:

  • It is safe to send your children to schools and early learning services.
  • Good hygiene practice is key — wash and dry your hands often, cough or sneeze in to your elbow and don't touch your face.

A full list of the public health measures in place at early learning services and schools and FAQs are available here

Talk to your child

Help prepare your child to transition back to daily life at their early learning service or school. Remind them that COVID-19 is still out there so it’s important that they play it safe while they’re at their early learning service or school, and that there will be some new measures in place. People are more likely to get COVID-19 through touching their face with their hands. Emphasise the importance of good hygiene at all times.

More information to help you get ready for Alert Level 2

Return to early learning service and school

Schools and early learning services are preparing to welcome your child back. Your child’s wellbeing will be the top priority. We know that your child needs to feel comfortable and safe for learning to happen. Your early learning service and school will be in contact as they work through their plans to shift to Alert Level 2.

Learn from home if needed

Some children may need to continue learning from home. That includes:

  • Children and young people with certain underlying medical conditions
  • Children and young people in isolation
  • Children and young people waiting for a test result

Talk to your child’s teacher if they need to learn from home. Our learning from home resources are still available for those who need it.