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Offers from resource providers

06 May 2020

The Ministry of Education would like to thank the writers and publishers for making these resources available to teachers, parents, whānau and their children as they support learning from home.


This website provides maths games and activities for students in the primary sector.

The resources could be used in the classroom or at home to support personalised learning pathways for students.

Matific are offering 60 days free access to teachers due to COVID-19. A cost will apply to use it beyond this time.

Learn more about the free trial for teachers

Learn more about the free trial for parents and whānau


This online platform for NCEA students provides subject workbooks, online guides, tips about exam strategies and copies of past exams. All of these items will incur costs.

Students can also ask study related questions through a Facebook page.

The website provides a clear navigation structure. To access free content you need to sign up, using a first name and email address, and select whether you are are a student, teacher, parent or tutor and which NCEA level you are interested in.

Learn more about StudyTime


Gamefroot provides a platform that students can use to write interactive stories, build animations and create games. They learn all about coding as they do this.

Students need to log in to use the platform.

Access tutorials to learn the programming concepts, and learn more about Gamefroot

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