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Tino e Tasi Preschool language apps


Tino e Tasi Preschool is a Samoan language preschool which has developed several Samoan and Tongan resources.

    Person holding a phone in landscape mode with both hands. The screen has an illustration of a boat and text in Samoan.
    How to use

    Tino e Tasi Preschool has resources available for use.

    Pasifika stories

    A collection of short stories written, illustrated and told by tamaiti for tamiti. The interactive apps are for any beginning language learner. Practise alongside the centre tamiti, hear each word individually or break down the sounds phonetically. There are three apps in this series.

    Samoan language games

    Two Samoan language games apps which encourage children to learn the Samoan language through play. The apps are child friendly games produced by the tamiti of Tino e Tasi Preschool for the children of the world.

    Tino e Tasi Mat Time on Facebook

    Videos featuring language, stories and song. These were developed for learning at home in response to COVID-19 and hosted on Facebook.

    The Ministry of Education would like to thank the writers and publisher for making this resource available to teachers, parents, whānau and their children as they support learning from home.