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NCEA hard copy resources

Resources are available to support learners who are learning from home because of Covid. These resources include ClassroomNZ2020, a new platform with a range of online courses. It is available until the end of February 2021.

Information on ClassroomNZ2020

During the nationwide lockdown earlier this year, the Ministry of Education provided hard copy NCEA learning materials (hard packs) to students identified by schools and wharekura. Most of these hard packs contained enough materials for an entire year’s worth of learning.

Some students may need additional resources to supplement their learning programmes. Our regional offices will work with schools and wharekura to address these needs.

If you’re a student or part of a student’s whānau, and you are looking for additional learning resources, please contact your school or wharekura. If you’re a school or wharekura, please contact your regional office to discuss what support may be available.

If you have questions about hardpacks, please contact